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Cbd oil vape or cbd vape oil is any vape oil that contains cbd rather than nicotine.

The amount of time cbd stays in one’s system depends on the person. Metabolism, frequency of use, dosage and method of administration all play a part in how long it stays in the system.

Our cbd vape pens have a charger, mouthpiece, heating chamber (where you put your cbd vape oil) and the battery. The battery heats the heating chamber which creates the vape that you then inhale from the mouthpiece. It’s pretty easy.

The optimal dose per person varies. We recommend starting small, with a few puffs. Since there is 1-2 MG of cbd per 3-second puff, you may want to start out taking 3-5 puffs. See how you feel. If you don’t feel anything, you’ll know to increase the amount of puffs. If you do too much, you may feel nauseous or start coughing. It’s always best to start slow.

Yes, that’s a full cartridge. Where did all the oil go? CCELL’s ceramic wick atomizers are larger than most and absorb liquids well. In fact, it’s one of the reasons they produce so much vapor! After your cartridge is filled, the ceramic atomizer inside absorbs liquid over time, priming for your use. Oil is still in the cartridge,it’s simply been absorbed within the atomizer out of view. Up to 30%* of a .5ML cartridge can be absorbed resulting in headspace.

No. Like a bag of potato chips, the air is essential for proper transport and use of the product.

Many of our customers report pain relief when using our vape pens. Vape Pens allow CBD to get into the system quickly through the lungs and directly entering into the bloodstream. Please remember our CBD products are dietary supplements and are not designed to treat or cure chronic pain or any other medication condition.

No. Using a CBD Vape Pen will not get you high. There is less than .3% THC in all of our CBD products which makes them legal to sell in all 50 states. There is not enough THC in our vape juice to get you high.

Vape Pens are still fairly new. There has been controversy surrounding several very popular, nicotine containing vape pens. We follow the research and the news, and we have designed a pure formula that is safe to use. However, we do recommend that you stay responsible while vaping.

CBD has been widely used to help relieve anxiety. Our CBD Vapes allow CBD to enter the system quickly, and many customers report a feeling of calm within minutes of vaping our organic CBD oil. Please keep in mind that results vary from person to person. If you are suffering from any medical disorders, diseases or sickness, make sure to consult your physician before use of any of our supplements.