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Find all your CBD topical questions answered here.

CBD topicals are CBD extracts contained in a topical base like cream, balm, or salve. Topical gels and ointments may help those with bone and joint pain. CBD topicals work with aloe, menthol, and other natural ingredients to relieve pain or irritation, and heal damaged skin. Unlike other forms of CBD, topicals never enter your bloodstream and instead work with your endocannabinoid system (ECS) receptors directly under your skin. This makes topicals an immediate and effective way to target specific areas of your body.

Our CBD topicals work with menthol, aloe, and natural ingredients to nourish your skin and help relieve everyday irritation, aches, and pains. Studies suggest that CBD topicals might also play a role in reducing pain caused by inflammation but the science isn’t conclusive yet.

It's yet unproven, but CBD may be one way to help with muscle soreness. We recommend keeping CBD topicals in your bag at all times if you're an avid athlete. After along bike ride, surfing, or any other activity that causes muscle strain, rubbing our CBD topicals with menthol on sore muscles can offer some soothing relief.

CBD Topicals are great for targeting a specific area of the body. Apply our CBD topicals directly to the affected area. Our formulas of premium CBD and natural botanicals, menthol, and aloe will go to work immediately. While CBD topicals will not cure the source of your pain or other diseases, anecdotal evidence along with plenty of our customers suggest topicals might help with everyday aches and pain.

CBD topicals will not get you high. CBD topicals penetrate into the skin but never deep enough to enter the bloodstream. Instead, topicals interact with the ECS receptors just under the surface to maintain healthy, happy skin.

CBD topicals go to work faster than any other form of CBD. When you ingest oil or vape CBD, it enters your body to be distributed through digestion and spread via your bloodstream. The effects of CBD take anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours to process this way. But, when you use CBD topicals, the CBD penetrates down to where it's needed right away.

Yes. Our CBD is organically sourced from a farm in Colorado. All of our ingredients are sourced from the USA, and our product is manufactured right here in California.

Individual results vary. But any soothing effects typically linger long after application up to 6 hours.

Roll the product onto the affected area in a circular motion. Use 1-3 passes per application. Make sure not to use CBD topicals on open wounds, or thin, sensitive skin. You can use a topical up to 4 times per day as needed.

Yes, because our topicals contain less than .3% THC, they are legal in all 50 states.

No, CBD topicals never enter the bloodstream so there is no chance they will ever show up on a drug test.

Yes. All of our CBD products are certified organic. We use only the highest quality ingredients, sourced from an organic hemp farm in Colorado for all of our products.